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5 tips for pedestrians to remember during the winter

The winter season in Rockford presents specific risks to the people who walk around town. If you are a pedestrian, you must ensure that you are taking steps to shore up your safety. Of course, motorists still need to do their part.

Remember, the same safety rules that apply the rest of the year do still apply when there is snow or ice on the ground. This includes using the crosswalks that are found around town. You also need to remember these tips:

  • Wear the right shoes. You shouldn't wear heels or slick-soled shoes if you are going to have to walk outside. If you do need to wear these, carry them with you in a bag that goes over your shoulder so you can change when you get into the building.
  • Take your time. Rushing on ice and snow isn't going to end well. This is especially true if you are walking before the sidewalks and paths have been shoveled or salted.
  • Walk on the sidewalks and try not to walk too close to the road. There is a chance that you could slip into the street if you fall. This could put you directly in a vehicle's path.
  • Watch traffic. The roads might be slippery, which can make it difficult for vehicles to stop. You shouldn't assume that any driver will stop at a crosswalk unless it is clear that they are going to be able to fully stop their vehicle.
  • Use short steps when you walk. This helps to improve your stability. As you walk, be prepared for a fall by keeping your hands out of your pocket so you can use them for balance. Remember not to outstretch your arms to brace a fall as this can lead to wrist injuries. Instead, try to fall so that your thigh, hip and then shoulder hit the ground.

Reducing risks of the fatal 4 is important

The nature of construction work makes it a dangerous career. For the men and women who work hard to make sure that the infrastructure in this country is up to par, it is vital to stay safe. They deserve to go home to their family members at the end of the day.

While there are many risks that they face on a daily basis, there are four that are responsible for the majority of the deaths of people in this industry. Here are some points you should know about what has been dubbed the "fatal four."

Motorcycle wrecks are often the fault of other drivers

People who are on motorcycles have a unique view of the city. The open vehicles allow them to see everything around them, but the open concept can also be dangerous. The small profile of motorcycles makes it difficult for other drivers to see them in some situations. It is up to every driver on the road to help keep motorcyclists safe.

There are several things that all motorists should be aware of when they hit the roads. Even though there is a chance that you won't encounter motorcycles on every drive, everyone must still be vigilant. Catastrophic injuries can happen in a flash of a second and the tiniest lapse of mindfulness from other drivers can lead to these horrific tragedies.

Start seeing motorcycles is real advice, not just a bumper sticker

As riders hit northern Illinois roadways and enjoy the warmer weather and fresh air, they'll also need to be on the lookout for dangerous situations on the road.


 Slick spring and summer roads create a unique hazard, as do the many potholes that come with the season. However, the main issue for most motorcycles isn't road conditions, it's other drivers.

Workers injured in Illinois have compensation available

People who work in factories can suffer from a host of injuries. These include some that stem from accidents, such as digit amputations, and others that are the result of cumulative trauma, such as knee injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome. When the worker requires medical care or needs to take off work, workers' compensation should come into the picture to pay for the medical bills and provide partial wage replacement when extended leave is necessary.

There are many different things that workers in this state should know about filing for benefits once they are injured. The workers' compensation program is complex. Even if you aren't injured now, it is a good idea to understand the basics.

Follow these steps after a car accident

Imagine driving through Rockford on your way to work. Under normal circumstances, your commute is fairly uneventful. You usually stop at the same coffee shop to grab your morning pick-me-up and sustenance to help you start the day and you almost always get stuck at the same stop light a block before your destination.

But, what if one day things deviate from the standard pattern? What if, while you are waiting for that last red light to turn green, a driver behind you isn't paying attention and rear-ends you? Are you prepared for the aftermath of a car accident? Do you know what to do?

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