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Ways to prevent construction injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Firm News, Injuries |

The construction industry is full of injury risks, but with some preparation and planning, the number of injuries can decrease. Here are some commonsense ways to prevent injuries on construction sites.

Prepare for the elements

You have to report to work no matter what the weather dishes out, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for the elements. Make sure to have plenty of water at the worksite when the mercury rises, and be sure to be clothed in layers when the snow flies.

Sunscreen use can save you from days of discomfort from a severe burn. Wearing sturdy and protective boots with insulation in the winter will not only protect you from hypothermia, but they will also give you increased traction on icy surfaces.

Take time to pick up

Encouraging safety can be as simple as keeping your tools corralled when you’re not using them. The trip and fall accident that you avoid may be your own. The same goes for tools left up high on ladders or walls that can fall and hit someone.

Get trained

Avoid accidents with machinery by getting trained on every piece of equipment you’re asked to use. If you’re a supervisor, make sure that your crew has all the training they need to do their jobs safely.

Make alliances

Reach out to related organizations to promote safety on the worksite. Recently, OSHA teamed up with the Southern Illinois Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Program to increase safety awareness between St. Louis and Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council. The two-year program will increase training and resources in a bid to decrease construction injuries and deaths.

Consult a lawyer

Even though you take precautions on the worksite, you may end up injured because of someone else’s negligence. Your employer must provide a safe work environment for employees and is liable if you get injured on the job. Legal consultation may be in order if your injuries prevent you from working now or in the future.