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Motorcycle wrecks are often the fault of other drivers

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2018 | Firm News |

People who are on motorcycles have a unique view of the city. The open vehicles allow them to see everything around them, but the open concept can also be dangerous. The small profile of motorcycles makes it difficult for other drivers to see them in some situations. It is up to every driver on the road to help keep motorcyclists safe.

There are several things that all motorists should be aware of when they hit the roads. Even though there is a chance that you won’t encounter motorcycles on every drive, everyone must still be vigilant. Catastrophic injuries can happen in a flash of a second and the tiniest lapse of mindfulness from other drivers can lead to these horrific tragedies.

Motorcyclists have rights, too

Some drivers think that because motorcyclists are on smaller vehicles, they don’t have the same right of way as full size vehicles. This isn’t the case. Motorcyclists must be given the exact same respect as any other car or truck on the road.

When it comes to motorcycle crashes that involve another vehicle, the vast majority are the result of the other driver. A whopping two-thirds of crashes pitting a motorcycle against another vehicle are the direct result of a violation of right of way on the part of the other motorist.

Blind spots are dangerous

Intersections pose a hazard to motorcyclists because they can be hidden from other vehicles. Bushes and cars around the intersection can block motorists from being able to see the small profile motorcycle. Other blind spots that can be dangerous are on the sides of vehicles, directly in front of them or in the rear of them.

Many motorcyclists are extra safe when they ride. Other drivers should apply the same caution. It is a common misconception that motorcyclists don’t need a full lane to ride. In fact, they do require the entire lane so other vehicles shouldn’t try to use part of the lane near the motorcycle, even if they are passing the motorcycle.

Road hazards can lead to wrecks

Another hazard that motorcyclists face is any obstacle on the road. Potholes are especially troublesome, but others, like fallen leaves, can also lead to motorcyclists losing control. While this isn’t the fault of another driver, others on the road should watch for signs that a biker might lose control so that they can take evasive maneuvers to avoid hitting the motorcyclist.

Medical care is often necessary when there is a motorcycle wreck. This can be costly and it can require you to take time off work. As you can imagine, these crashes can be devastating for the victims.