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Why road rash is a danger to motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents |

One of the great pleasures of riding a motorcycle on a northern Illinois road is enjoying the outdoor environment while driving. But the fact that motorcycles have no enclosure for their riders is also why riding a bike puts you at greater risk of injury if you get into an auto accident. A road rash is one such injury that could have a dramatic impact on your life.

When a motorcyclist gets into an accident, it is likely that the bike rider will be flung onto the road. The abrasive nature of road pavement can scrape off skin on contact. As the oureverydaylife website explains, there are three degrees of road rashes. The first degree is when the skin only has a red appearance. When the rash is at the second degree, the skin is actually broken but the inner layers are still there. A third-degree rash, when an area of skin is completely lost, is the worst.

The level of treatment required for road rash depends on the severity. Verywellhealth points out that many instances of road rash are treatable at home, and in time, the skin will heal, although if it does not, more medical attention will likely be needed. However, for severe cases when skin is lost, the victim may need reconstructive surgery, using skin grafts from another part of the body to replace the lost skin.

Road rash needs to be treated at once, not only to alleviate the pain, but because of the potential for infection. An infection stemming from a wound can create pus, a foul smell, an increase in pain, and also symptoms that mimic the flu, like chills and aches. There are even uncommon instances where road rash results in blood poisoning and possibly septic shock.

The medical consequences of a road rash can be ominous, and even if a rider survives the initial crash, the effects of road rash can last for a lifetime. If you are riding a motorcycle and are hurt by the negligent actions of another party, it is important to factor in all of the necessary medical treatments if you are afflicted with road rash or other injuries while you pursue compensation.