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Steps businesses can take to prevent slips and falls during winter

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2019 | premises liability |

With winter fast approaching, business owners in Illinois must take extra steps to ensure the safety of their clients and employees. Snow and ice can result in slips and fall accidents, and companies may be liable if the condition was preventable.

According to NewsBlaze, slips and falls lead to over one million injuries every year. Not all injuries occur at a place of business, but many of them do. While it is not always the fault of the business, there are circumstances in which a business owner may be responsible. This includes when an owner knows about a dangerous situation but does nothing to fix it, or when the owner caused the unsafe situation and did nothing.

Some of the most effective ways to prevent accidents are to perform routine checks of the interior and exterior property and to provide good and regular maintenance for immediate dangers.

According to Risk Management Magazine, weather hazards and wet walkways are some of the most common causes of slips and falls. Prevention occurs when determining the areas that are most prone for risk. In winter, this is often the sidewalk and stairs leading to the entrance, as well as the interior entrance floors.

Regular shoveling of snow and using sand or other substance to increase traction is important. Check for ice on the stairs and make sure the railings are not in disrepair. On days when it is snowy or rainy, regularly check for puddles or slippery floors and mop them up. Also put out a caution sign so people are aware of the danger. It is also important to provide adequate rugs to dry shoes and to make sure the rugs are properly affixed and are not tripping hazards.