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Is it safe for motorcyclists to use the highway?

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Illinois motorcyclists face many dangers on the road. In fact, they are often at greater risk than any other driver. The lack of protection and small vehicle size contribute to these risks. But do these risks make it difficult or impossible for a motorcyclist to drive on the highway? 

It is true that highway driving is more risky for motorcyclists than many other drivers. But according to, motorcyclists can tackle highway riding safely. In fact, highway driving is safer in some ways than driving on surface roads. This is because there is no cross traffic to watch out for, which is often the biggest risk to motorcyclists. Vehicles are going in the same direction at roughly the same speed. This makes it easier to predict the movements of drivers as well. 

Predicting a driver’s movements is one of the best ways to stay safe on the highway. As a motorcyclist, you should always be surveying your surroundings. Learn how to recognize the signs of distracted or inebriated drivers. When you see red flags or concerning behavior, give a wide berth. Also, always leave yourself an escape path. Motorcyclists should learn to predict how a traffic situation may turn out. This way, they can plan how they will get out of a sticky situation in advance. 

Staying out of driver’s blind spots whenever possible is also a good tip. Most crashes with motorcyclists on highways occur on ramps. They also occur when drivers attempt to merge without looking for motorcycles. If you are already aware of these dangers, it becomes easier to dodge them.