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Traffic accidents involving ambulances and fire trucks

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Firm News |

When someone is seriously hurt or has a serious health complication, they often call an ambulance. Unfortunately, ambulances are involved in accidents for multiple reasons, resulting in the loss of life or additional health crises for those who already in a great state of need. Also, fire trucks are involved in crashes as well, and these emergency responders are particularly likely to become involved in a collision when they are traveling at a high rate of speed due to an urgent situation. Worse, these vehicles are large, which often makes the outcome of the accidents even more devastating.

Deciding to move forward with a lawsuit

If you were struck by an ambulance or a fire truck, there are various issues to consider. Some people are hesitant to take legal action against the driver of an ambulance or a fire truck because they have a great deal of respect for someone who works to help others during a time of crisis. However, litigation is necessary in many instances, especially if someone driving an ambulance or fire truck was behaving recklessly (under the influence of alcohol, ignoring critical traffic safety guidelines, etc.).

Reviewing the details of the crash

Because of the size of fire trucks and ambulances, these wrecks often lead to serious injuries and claim lives. Moreover, drivers are often going very fast because they need to put out a fire or transport someone to the emergency room. All factors of these accidents require careful review and victims should examine other issues that possibly contributed to the collision, such as a driver suffering from fatigue due to working too many hours. Our site discusses many other topics related to the consequences of traffic crashes.