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How does drowsy driving contribute to truck crashes?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2020 | truck accidents |

Illinois drivers understand that some driving behaviors are riskier than others. For example, drowsy driving is often overlooked. But it creates many risks on the road. A large number of fatal accidents result from drowsy driving, too.

Today we will look at the cost of drowsy driving. We will see how it contributes to certain risks on the road. This includes truck crashes.

Drowsy driving and fatality rates

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention look at drowsy driving. In specific, they look at the dangerous impact drowsy drivers have on the road. First of all, drowsy driving incidents have a high fatality rate. People do not expect this. Many people drive without enough sleep. A common misconception is that drowsy driving is not risky because so many people do it. This is not true. In fact, the more people do it, the riskier it is.

Drowsy driving in the trucking industry

For truckers, it is even more dangerous. This is because of the size of the vehicle they drive. Trucks are enormous and heavy. If a trucker crashes, they often take out multiple cars at once. It is common for truck accidents to involve many vehicles. This means the injury toll is higher. It also raises the chance of a fatality.

The trucking industry is full of dangerous habits and behaviors, too. Many truckers compete to see how much work they can do in one shift. They do this even without getting enough sleep. This puts everyone on the road with them at risk.

To cut down on these risks, people need to put a spotlight on drowsy driving. If more people understand what harm it could cause, less will indulge in this risky behavior.