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Ill. collision between semi and SUV leaves motorist dead

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2020 | truck accidents |

Firefighters in Utica, Illinois, had already had a busy morning last Tuesday when they received a call to the site of a motor vehicle collision on Interstate 80. The accident involved a semi-truck and an SUV. One of the motorists did not survive. 

Accident reconstruction was reportedly the responsibility of state authorities. Additionally, they had to close down the westbound lanes of the interstate and reroute a heavy volume of trucks and passenger cars. An investigation into the accident is still ongoing. 

Details of the accident are still a bit vague. It happened in the late morning when an SUV and a semi-truck collided. The cause of the accident is unknown. It is unclear whether either vehicle contained occupants other than the driver. There was no report of any other injuries. No identifying information about the driver who died is available. 

Authorities report that there was no need to extricate the motorist from the vehicle. However, responders found the motorist unconscious and summoned a LifeFlight helicopter to the scene for transportation to the hospital. However, the motorist’s condition reportedly deteriorated before the helicopter arrived, and the motorist died at the scene. Personnel from the county coroner’s office reported to the accident site and stayed there for at least two hours. 

About a half-hour prior to the collision between the semi and the SUV, firefighters had responded to a call to put out a fire involving the wheels of another truck. Departments from Oglesby and La Salle assisted with the response to the SUV accident. 

Generally speaking, those involved in an accident between a passenger vehicle and a truck can sustain massive injuries. If this is the case, it may be a good idea to discuss the truck accident with an attorney.