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What is road rash?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Illinois motorcyclists often face dangers that other drivers do not experience. For example, the risk of road rash is much higher for motorcyclists. But what is road rash? How severe is it?

Today we will answer these questions. We will take a look at what road rash is. We will also look into the impact it may have on motorcyclists who fall victim to it.

What road rash can look like

VeryWell Health takes a look at road rash severity on a case by case basis. It is different depending on the victim and the type of crash. For example, let us say the motorcyclist was traveling fast on a rough road. They were not wearing long sleeves or pants. If this motorcyclist fell, they would likely have severe road rash. But a motorcyclist with proper attire who travels at a slower speed would have less damage.

Severity of road rash injuries

Road rash falls into three categories. These include mild, moderate and severe. Mild road rash is still painful, but it is not serious. After visiting the doctor for initial treatment, you can often finish care at home. This is not the case for moderate and severe road rash. In these cases, victims often need a hospital stay. They may need skin graft surgery. Some face the risk of infection spreading through their system due to open wounds.

These victims also face disfigurement. Many have scars from their wounds. Even skin grafting does not eliminate these. Some victims need plastic surgery after healing to regain their former looks. On a whole, it is a traumatic experience that is much more severe than some motorcyclists think. Exercising caution to avoid these injuries is important.